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TCU BMX 36 - Laughing When Your Friends Crash

John Hicks hit the streets the other day with a heavy crew consisting of Dillon Lloyd, Caleb Quanbeck, Alfredo Mancuso, Michael Harkous and Nate Richter. Along the way the boys demonstrate both their technical prowess on their bikes but also how to effectively evade security guards. Alfredo fell down a lot and luckily Dillon was there to laugh at his pain. Enjoy!


Animal teamed up with Jack Maddock in Seattle, Washington and threw a street jam for the local scene. Some serious bangers went down, I was particularly psyched on Johnny Raekes bringing precision hubba grinds, and the HEAVY session that went down over the wooden rail...Don't forget Animal is throwing TWO jams this weekend in NYC and Richmond, be sure to get there!


A couple weeks ago Stranger sent out an open invite for anyone to come ride the ramps at Tip+ and Nate Richter was on hand to document the day from beginning to end. This is rad because it gave the everyday rider the chance to ride without their favorite pros shutting the session down. You can tell all these dudes had a good time and took full advantage of ridding some stuff they’ve only seen in videos.

STRANGEWAYS Volume Three Promo

Oh my god, this must be some kind ofEaster miracle! Clarky just dropped the trailer for the third volume of theamazing Strangeways videoand words simply cannot describe how exited I am for this! Featuring ridingfrom Leo McKenna, Gaz Hunt, Pugwash, Tom Sanders, Sam Waller, Clarky, AddySnowdon, Matt Glover, Dan Roper and Mini.

Leo Balay Bmx Avenue x The Trip

BMX Avenue with a second BMXvideo to make your Friday kick ass. This time around we get some fresh footageof Leo Balay for The Trip that’s filled with grindafter grind of pure gold and some big drops! It’s kind of nice seeing Leo stillrunning a cassette and making it look good.

John Hicks - RAW FOOTAGE 2016 Mixtape Vol.1

John Hicks just dropped another block ofthat raw onto his YouTube channel, packed full of clips from some of LA'sheaviest hitters. Stevie Churchill, Chad Kerley, Tyler Fernengel, BrandonBegin, Nigel Sylvester and many more come through with the goods in here andJohn Hicks even clocks a few clips himself. If you're looking at some weekendviewing material, here it is.

ANTIDOTE X THE MAKE - Hit the north

Wow this is an absolute treat!! JimNewrick just drop this incredible 10 minute long video featuring some the UK’sbest in the name of  Cookie, Clarky, Marv, Tom Sanders, Tim Evans, TheCount, Ollie Olsen and more! Go grab a coffee or a beer, sit down and enjoysome pure raw street riding, filmed and edited to the perfection! MUST WATCH! 

Mathieu Peladan Federal 2016

Mathieu Peladan wets his whistle on some seriouslyprime Montpellier park and street offerings. Really sick song and vibe to gowith the video, Arnaud Wolff always comes through behind the lens.

TCU BMX #35_ He Put It All On The Line

Yesterday after taking care of someextravagant bike part spending I hit the Austin streets with Brandon Begin,Charlie Crumlish, Kareem Williams, Matt Nordstrom, Brad Simms, Bad Matty andBen Allen for some good times in the streets. Along the way we reviewed a newMonster Energy product (and didn’t get paid for it), sampled some delightfulMexican food, witnessed some property destruction and watched Bad Matty provewhy he’s one of the craziest bike riders out right now.

James Alcock - DUB Graft 2

Like most of the Dub crew, James Alcockis nice with the pegs, as we can clearly see here in his section from Graft 2.Lots of solid moves in here set to a European hip hop track, that last hangerwas dope, check it out.