EVO Distribution

EVO Distro is a BMX distributor based in Chengdu, China. Since 2012.

We do Fit/S&M/ProfileRacing/Madera/Federal/DK/Animal/Stress/Merritt/Fiend/Primo/Stranger/Lotek/The Make/Bicycle Union/Stereo/Mutiny/Daily Grind/OSS/S1 distributor in China, Hongkong & Taiwan.

Contact us by: evobikeco@hotmail.com
QQ: 1635863394
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Our online store: http://evobikeco.taobao.com/

Ryan Eles Federal x OGCBMX 2015

Ryan Eleshas been getting support from Federal Bikesthrough OGCBMX in Canada and just dropped a few minutes of tech prowess for oureyeballs.  Ryan unleashes an onslaught of new aged grinds on a numberof big set ups and definitely had me shouting at my computer screen on morethan one occasion!