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EVO Distro is a BMX distributor based in Chengdu, China. Since 2012.

We do Fit/S&M/ProfileRacing/Madera/Federal/DK/Animal/Stress/Merritt/Fiend/Primo/Stranger/Lotek/The Make/Bicycle Union/Stereo/Mutiny/Daily Grind/OSS/S1 distributor in China, Hongkong & Taiwan.

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Abdullah Alkhalili Welcome To Stranger BMX Video

Former Common Crew affiliate and presentday member of Caleb Quanbeck’s prestigious entourage Abdullah Alkhalili hasbeen hard at work on this video for a few years now. Although it doesn’tcontain any footage from his current, dreadlocked state, it’s full of wildgrind combinations that he managed to get before his vision quest to Barcelonaduring which he left the tyrannical 7th century shackles of his prior religionbehind in favor of top stair tire bonks and MDMA. After returning home toAmerica, Abdullah promptly found a home on the Stranger am team which he has found to bequite a bit more tolerant and inviting than his previous faith.