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EVO Distro is a BMX distributor based in Chengdu, China. Since 2012.

We do Fit/S&M/ProfileRacing/Madera/Federal/DK/Animal/Stress/Merritt/Fiend/Primo/Stranger/Lotek/The Make/Bicycle Union/Stereo/Mutiny/Daily Grind/OSS/S1 distributor in China, Hongkong & Taiwan.

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TCU Webisode 31 - Jaw Dropping BMX Tricks

Yesterday the OSS crew (Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin,Mikey Tyra and Dillon Lloyd) hit the streets with the Merritt BMX crew (BradSimms, Mike Brennan and Stephan August) for some good times in The Valley.Somehow I managed to accidentally capture enough stuff on my iPhone to justifythis webisode. Of particular interest check out the kinked handicapped railcontest and Dillon Lloyd’s completion of a flat ground trick that none of ushad ever seen before. Enjoy!