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EVO Distro is a BMX distributor based in Chengdu, China. Since 2012.

We do Fit/S&M/ProfileRacing/Madera/Federal/DK/Animal/Stress/Merritt/Fiend/Primo/Stranger/Lotek/The Make/Bicycle Union/Stereo/Mutiny/Daily Grind/OSS/S1 distributor in China, Hongkong & Taiwan.

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Mason Gray Welcome to the Make BMX Crew

Mason Gray comes through with a rad video in his debut for The Make. From torquing at huge gaps to taming the smallest of transitions, Mason is a true student of the streets, riding any and everything. If this doesn't inspire you to take a few more cranks at something, boost a little bank or paint your wheels gold, you need to get with the program. Shouts to DWOK crew, #goldgang, @polejams and Bad V3ntures.