EVO Distribution

EVO Distro is a BMX distributor based in Chengdu, China. Since 2012.

We do Fit/S&M/ProfileRacing/Madera/Federal/DK/Animal/Stress/Merritt/Fiend/Primo/Stranger/Lotek/The Make/Bicycle Union/Stereo/Mutiny/Daily Grind/OSS/S1 distributor in China, Hongkong & Taiwan.

Contact us by: evobikeco@hotmail.com
QQ: 1635863394
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Our online store: http://evobikeco.taobao.com/

STRANGEWAYS Volume Three Promo

Oh my god, this must be some kind ofEaster miracle! Clarky just dropped the trailer for the third volume of theamazing Strangeways videoand words simply cannot describe how exited I am for this! Featuring ridingfrom Leo McKenna, Gaz Hunt, Pugwash, Tom Sanders, Sam Waller, Clarky, AddySnowdon, Matt Glover, Dan Roper and Mini.